FW #13: Comfortable Visit Outside The Comfort Zone

FW #13: Comfortable Visit Outside The Comfort Zone

Believe or not, a Finished Works posting! Only one work though, but it’s a start. And it did take only 8 weeks…

This week’s finished work is a commission I tried to finish a month ago. “Tried” mainly because of all the work hassles.

Very much inside the comfort zone because it’s a graphite work with a fairly traditional approach. Very much outside because it’s about dogs. Without exaggeration these are numbers 10 and 11 on my dog drawing career. Thusly my only guide was the references I had and frankly I still don’t have a clue on how to read character in dogs for example.

In a way this was a very successful learning opportunity. The medium and the style were very familiar to me even if the subject was really alien. Maybe someday I’ll learn more if I keep taking baby steps.

(I will be making a walkthrough type series of this piece at a later date. The work itself will have some little changes mainly because I’m not entirely pleased with it and the commissioner wanted me to add the dogs’ names. Updated image will be posted on the walkthrough.
The image is a bit oddly framed for it didn’t fully fit in my scanner. Graphite pencils on 24×32 cm watercolour paper.)

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