This blog’s goal is to provide enough public pressure to keep a lazy git making art.

Blog’s author is a self-taught art amateur in her mid-twenties. When I am not suffering from acute art envy, I spend my time trying to study (ie. mostly playing solitaire).

Beside this blog, my art life consists of art society meetings and both solo and group exhibitions. I am also an avid museum goer.

Even though the blog’s content leans heavily on equine subjects, I aim to yearly take up a new subject and medium to practice.
In 2010 the subject matter was (for the last year) horses and the medium was supposed to be watercolour but pretty quickly turned out to be acrylics.
In 2011 there was no new subject due to the amount of commissions. By accident, the medium was coloured pencil (though in a very small scale).

The blog is updated on Wednesdays with week’s unfinished works (mainly as a list) and on Sundays with finished works (in images). Other than that, the postings are randomly anything and everything relating to art.

Can’t get enough?

  • the best way to contact me is through the blog or emailing kayhmk @ gmail.com.
  • art can be recognised from the signing or watermark “KHMK”, which (suprisingly) just happens to be the artist’s initials. Beware of miscellaneous images released into the wild.
  • homepage/portfolio site under construction. Boring notions about life in general on Twitter since 2006: http://twitter.com/kayhmk.

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