I am willing to tackle almost any subject matter in any medium. Please browse the blog for examples or ask for details through email.

Commissions are mostly closed for 2012, at least the queue is eliminated. Interesting briefs accepted, contact me and ask nicely!


Reduced price dog commission. I’m taking a couple (2-5?) commission of dogs for a reduced price. My main goal is to get a few more examples in my portfolio and to practice. The prices are 10-50 percent from the normal prices.
The more artistic licence you give, the cheaper the piece will be. Size and/or maximum price can be set. (Technique, style, colours, etc. can be suggested.)
Most likely I will be making a couple of different versions of the same subject. The commissioner can choose one or more of the pieces to buy.
I will do the pieces in the order they are reserved after I get my current commissions list emptied. Finished works are available around Spring/Summer of 2012 at the earliest. If interested, contact me at kayhmk @

Rough examples of the pricing:

  • A5 = 15 euros
  • A4 = 25 euros
  • A3 = 40 euros
  • F10 (46×55 cm oil and acrylics on canvas) = 60-80 euros
  • small digital paintings (about 10 x 15 cm) = 10 euroa,
    next size (ca. “13×18″) = 15 euroa
  • “sketches” and “studies” in coloured pencil or graphite, also watercolour washes, size about A5 = 5 euros

If interested, drop me a line at kayhmk @ More examples and information available. I answer all questions gladly!


The blog is full of examples. The easiest way to browse is through the medium tags at the bottom of the page (f.ex. Blogista esimerkkejä voi katsella taggauksien kautta ryhmiteltynä tekniikoittain, esimerkiksi:
akryyli, lyijykynä (sisältää pääosin luonnoksia), puuvärit — lisää tageja sivun alareunan listassa!

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