Why I Don't Do Lineart... (WW#15)

Why I Don’t Do Lineart… (WW#15)

Sometimes when looking at pieces others have made it gets you. The pressing urge to try something new. And luckily sometimes you can have such fun whilst painting!

Those of you who have followed my blog and/or my works for a while now might have noticed that I’m not a huge fan of linework. Nor do I usually like them aesthetically speaking, but when it comes to actually doing them myself — impossible. Nevertheless I had to try, if only for the delusion that I might pull it off, be quicker and get a nice (different) look.

You can probably guess how this went down, but here it is in a step by step account:

Part 1. Sketching, or the first mistake.
“Can’t be bothered to find refs. I’ll just draw something. After all I know how to draw stuff!”

Yup, so do I indeed. I don’t think that blob has ever even seen a Finnhorse. As good news: it did take only half a night to produce this and a whopping amount of pained sighs.

Part 2. Lines, or that second thing that went wrong.
“Yeah, I’ll do these as vectors! Brilliant! At least I’m good at vectoring!”
Managed to draw the line of the horse’s buttocks and the top line of the tail before realising my hand shakes like I was suffering from coffee withdrawals.

“Oops, maybe I’m not actually that good. Maybe I need another tool… What’s this… Looks nice, let’s use that one.”

I must state for the record that I have never ever laughed as much while painting as I did during this lining. My hand is unbelievably unaccustomed at drawing clean lines, I can’t use any tool and to top that my OS didn’t recognise using the tablet’s pen as user being active so the screen saver kept flicking on constantly.

The finished product is absolutely thoroughly gorgeous. What else can it be with sketching as fabulous as I had! From the tail one might be able to deduce that I have drawn an Arab or two in my time. And that cleaning up… The what now?

Part 3. Colouring, or logically speaking the next thing going wrong.
After finishing my beautiful lineart there was no other option than to colour it somehow. The best way is to choose a tool you have never even heard of before and select totally random settings. “It will work!” Next, choose a colour you never manage to get right for the horse. Make it with totally random colours that clash.

Please note the incredible background design.

Well, it’s fun to have fun. Once in a while.

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