Christmas Commissions 2012

Long time no posts. Well, actually that was pretty conscious: this blog really doesn’t have any regular followers, so rather than write about art for myself, I rather use my scarce free time doing and thinking about art.

Due to acute need for funds I’m offering a couple of Christmas commissions this year. That is to say, if you need a present for anyone (even someone who has everything) or just want some pretty things for yourself, read further!

Please note that overseas deliveries need some time, so the deadline for is extremely narrow.

Only traditional works available, examples of prices (all including shipping to Finland, or a percentage of overseas shipping):
1) A5 sketch/study 5 euros
2) A4 sketch/study 10 euros
3) ca. A6/postcard size 10 euros
4) 4×6″ painting on panel 15 euros, also small paintings on canvas (ca. A5 and smaller), paintings/coloured pencil works ca. A5-A4
5) ca. A4 30 euros
6) ca. A3 50 euros
7) mid-sized (ca. A4-40×50 cm) paintings on gallery panels 60 euros

Examples of previous work here on my blog.

Contact me for details. (stiinu365 @ also works)

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