30 Rock (minus 25)

30 Rock (minus 25)

Inspired by last session with the still-lifes, this week everybody was assigned a task of selecting one object and doing study(s) of it. As a back-story we heard that sometimes (in art schools) you have to do even hundreds of these.

Beacause I’m a highly peculiar person, I got terribly excited.

So I picked a rock.

Of which I planned to make 30 studies.

You can pretty much guess what happened.

These are all of the same rock we had to paint last time in the still-life. Different angles, obviously.The large one I did on another session, on purpose, for I had my frustration threshold sufficiently broken. Lord a small thing can be difficult!

On the side I started a white seashell, but that one I’ll show you when we get to the session on which I finished it.

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